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Administrative Division

The Administration Division’s role is to provide a seamless support functionality to ensure the overall mission and mandates of the office continue without disruption. The Director of Administration is responsible for all financial operations, including the preparation and submission of the annual budget, monitoring and controlling expenditures, supervising the personnel office, information technology, operations and fiscal office, and lobbies for the resources necessary for its efficient operations.

In 2013, the budget provided for 233.1 full-time equivalent positions:

Administration Division 21.0 employees

Criminal Division 148.1 employees

Civil Division 45.0 employees

Bureau of Criminal Identification 19.0 employees

The total budget for fiscal year 2013, ending June 30, 2013, was $25 million. It consisted of $22.3 million, or 89.12%, in state funding; $1.39 million, or 5.56%, in federal grants; $923K, or 3.69%, in restricted receipts; and $408K, or 1.63%, in Rhode Island Capital Plan  Fund (RICAP) funding. The Office of Attorney General continues to make it a priority to return as much money to Rhode Island taxpayers as possible by way of restitution, forfeitures, settlements, reimbursements, fines and the collection of fees.

The Administration Division also manages the Scholastic Internship Program, in which 120 college-age and high school-age students participated in 2013. The program is a valuable on-site learning experience for the students as well as a critical resource for the department, whose employees annually log approximately 20,000 hours of uncompensated overtime for the people of Rhode Island.

The fiscal office assists in the financial operations, including the submission of the annual budget, monitoring and controlling expenditures, processing state paperwork such as travel and invoice vouchers, purchase requisitions, maintenance and service contracts, and all other budget-related transactions. The fiscal office also handles payroll submission, accrual and discharge of vacation, sick and personal hours, and payroll adjustments.

The Office of Attorney General is committed to maintaining a diverse workforce. As of June 30, 2013, the last official reporting period, minorities constituted 15% of the staff and women constituted 61%.

The human resources and benefits office processes all personnel actions and facilitates the employee benefits offered through the state throughout the employment cycle for our employees.

The information technology office is responsible for all technological devices and operating systems used to facilitate the work flow and work products maintained in each functional division.