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Adult Diversion Unit

The Adult Diversion Unit was established in 1976 as an alternative to prosecution for first-time nonviolent felony offenders. It enables qualifying offenders to accept responsibility and be held accountable for their actions while avoiding the stigma of a criminal record. The program offers the opportunity for the offender to earn the dismissal of criminal charge(s) by participating in drug treatment and mental health programs, providing community service at nonprofit agencies and paying restitution to the victims of these crimes.

The Adult Diversion Unit collected $159,000 in restitution and arranged 7,325 hours of community service at statewide nonprofit agencies.

In 2012, the Unit handled 542 referrals, accepted 302 cases and completed 249 cases. A significant accomplishment last year included $159,121 in restitution collected and distributed to victims. The Adult Diversion Unit arranged 7,325 hours of community service at statewide non-profit agencies for a total value of more than $56,000, and also arranged 187 counseling programs for participants with substance abuse problems, mental health issues and gambling addiction.