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Providence County Intake Unit

Intake Unit prosecutors in Providence County reviewed cases for felony screening and grand jury presentations and negotiated case dispositions through the pre-arraignment calendar. Prosecutors assigned to the trial calendars and specialized units focused on trial preparation, handling cases from the pretrial stage through to disposition. A county prosecutor traveled to each of the county offices to handle felony screenings for Kent, Newport and Washington Counties, and Statewide Grand Jury presentations were handled by various prosecutors throughout the Division.

In 2012, the Providence Intake Unit reviewed a total of 4,722 packages, ensuring there was sufficient evidence to go forward in the Superior Court. The screening prosecutor reviewed 4,449 packages for information charging and in grand jury; prosecutors reviewed 273 packages for presentment to the Providence County grand jury. The county offices also screened over 1,200 felony packages for charging (485 in Kent, 443 in Washington and 284 in Newport County). Statewide, the Division proceeded to file Criminal Informations and Indictments with the Superior Courts in 5,012 felony cases.