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11/15/2019 12:30 EST
Attorney General Peter F. Neronha announced that James White (age 29), of Providence was found guilty on November 12, 2019 by a Providence County Superior Court jury of one count of first-degree sexual assault. The jury returned the verdict after three hours of deliberation following a one-week...
11/08/2019 13:00 EST
Attorney General Peter F. Neronha announced that Bridget Morisseau (age 49), formerly of Cumberland, pleaded nolo contendere in Providence County Superior Court today to one count of embezzlement. Superior Court Magistrate Richard D. Raspallo sentenced Morisseau to three years of probation and...

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03/07/2019 16:30 EST
We have received reports of consumers getting unsolicited phone calls from manipulated phone numbers that identify as The Office of the Attorney General on the caller-id display. Upon answering the phone, either a recording or a person posing to be the "Attorney General of the state" will be on...
03/06/2019 16:00 EST
It's Consumer Protection Week and Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Neronha is warning Rhode Islanders to be careful of potential ticket resale scams that are becoming increasingly common. The unlawful conduct at issue is the sale of undisclosed "speculative tickets," which are offers to...
01/29/2019 14:45 EST
With the Super Bowl around the corner, Attorney General Peter F. Neronha is advising football fans to use caution when purchasing tickets to the game or booking travel. "While fans are excited and gearing up for the big game, scammers are as well," said Attorney General Neronha. "Be sure to...
01/24/2019 17:30 EST
Due to the Aquidneck Island Gas Outage incident affecting thousands of residents in Newport and Middletown, Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Neronha is reminding affected residents of their rights and advising them to be aware of possible fraud and abuse that may take place in the wake of...

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10/23/2019 14:15 EDT
The investigation into an incident at the Wyatt Detention Facility on August 14, 2019 has concluded. The investigation was presented to a Providence County Grand Jury. The Providence County Grand Jury this morning reported that no criminal charges are warranted in connection with the investigation.
10/22/2019 13:45 EDT
Please note: An indictment, information, or complaint is merely an allegation. The U.S. Constitution guarantees that a defendant is presumed innocent unless and until found guilty in a court of law. Luis Mercedes (age 26) Providence, RI P1/19-5524AG On October 16, 2019, the Providence...

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10/22/2019 13:45 EDT
The Complainant alleged that the Commission violated the OMA when it held a site visit where members of the public were separated from the Commission members. The undisputed evidence revealed that during the site visit, a quorum of the Commission engaged in a "collective discussion" outside the...
10/22/2019 13:30 EDT
The Complainant alleged that School Committee members discussed School Committee matters outside the public purview at some time prior to a public meeting. The School Committee submitted uncontroverted evidence in affidavit form that after being elected, the School Committee members did not discuss
10/22/2019 13:30 EDT
The Complainant alleged that the Fishermen's Advisory Board ("FAB") violated the OMA by meeting outside the public purview and by failing to post timely notice for a meeting. Guided by Rhode Island Supreme Court precedent, we concluded based on the totality of the evidence that the FAB is not a...
10/22/2019 13:30 EDT
The Complainant alleged that the Town Council violated the OMA when the Town Council President made statements during a public meeting that appeared to indicate the existence of conversations outside the public purview concerning the reappointment of municipal and probate judges. After requesting...

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